On June 11, 2005 the HousingBubble.com domain name sold on eBay for $2,225.  Just slightly below the advertised “Buy-it-now” price of $250,000.


Only four days earlier the fine folks at SocketSite, having caught wind of the HousingBubble domain name feeding frenzy, and sensing a Pulitzer in the making, decided to join the fray.  Within hours the crackerjack SocketSite team registered the infamous NoHousingBubble.com domain name and listed it on eBay.


Despite implying a total collapse in consumer confidence should NoHousingBubble be deemed by the markets to be of less value than HousingBubble, and thus validating the presence of a Bubble, no one took the bait.


On June 13, 2005 the NoHousingBubble.com domain name auction closed without generating a single bid.  And now we’re out $9.49 for the registration and listing fees.


All is not lost, however, as we did receive a very nice email promising to show us “how to use nohousingbubble.com…to make a serious income that will grow each month and come to you for years.”


We’re on it.



(yet another SocketSite production)